Waterfront Construction Best Practice with Norway Nautical

If you live on the water in Florida, you know how wonderful it can be to wake up to a dazzling coastal sunrise or to enjoy pastimes like fishing or boating right from your own dock. However, you also probably know all about the destructive forces of nature as they conspire around your Florida residential or commercial property. Seastorms, wind, and waves can wreak havoc on coastal properties and features like boat docks, seawalls, and boat lifts. Property owners on the water are tasked to protect these features and guard against land erosion. 

Norway Nautical specializes in marine construction and maintenance and repair of docks, boat lifts, and seawalls. Our marine contractors are dock and seawall construction specialists. We can maintain and repair your coastal construction features, including your boat lift, seawall, and floating docks. As a licensed and insured company, our full service marine construction firm can tackle your marine construction and repair needs. 

Seawalls: Construction

Norway Nautical can manage construction for seawall Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami and other Florida coastal locations. A seawall is a retaining wall installed along the coast to help prevent soil erosion. Property owners need to protect their land from the encroaching sea, and seawalls allow them to keep their soil and rocks in place. Our seawall specialists can construct a seawall that’s tailored to your coastline and property needs. Our construction pros can build a coast seawall made from high-quality materials that suit your needs and budget. 

When you contact us for seawall construction, we can visit your Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami or other Florida coastal location, to evaluate your needs. We’ll help you choose the ideal materials whether steel, concrete, or vinyl for your seawall. Depending on the size of the seawall you need, some materials may be better options for your marine project and budget.

Seawall Maintenance and Repairs

Depending on the type of materials used to construct your seawall, it may last 20 years or even 50 years. However, to ensure it reaches its suggested lifespan, it’s essential to inspect it routinely and maintain and repair it when needed. If your seawall fails, it can create a property mess that’s far more costly to fix than to maintain the seawall properly. 

Our Florida marine construction company will perform a careful inspection of your seawall, looking for signs of disrepair like cracks, rust, or pits in the wall’s surface. Then, we can perform the ideal repairs to ensure that your seawall functions optimally and lasts as long as possible. If you discover that your seawall is bulging in the middle or has developed serious cracks, you can call us for our fast marine construction repair service. We bring all the tools and equipment needed to provide the repairs you need.

Docks: Construction

If you need a new boat dock or dock your jet ski and other watercraft, contact Norway Nautical. We construct commercial docks and residential docks using advanced equipment and marine machinery. As seawall and dock construction experts, we will tailor your traditional dock or floating dock to your needs. Our marine contractors will meet with you to develop a plan for your dock’s construction. We’ll advise you about material selection and provide you with an estimate for your marine construction project.

Dock Maintenance and Repair Services

Dock and seawall features are under perpetual threat from the sea. A single Florida storm can destroy part of even all of your marine construction features. Over time, these features will deteriorate simply because of nature’s elements and the constant toll they take on any materials. When you give us your street address, we’ll send a technician to your property to inspect your dock for signs of disrepair. Our marine specialists will make any necessary dock repairs and maintain your dock so that it withstands the elements as effectively as possible. 

Boat Lifts: Installation

While you might enjoy sailing your boat every chance you get, it’s not wise to store your boat in the water all the time. That’s where a boat lift becomes an essential feature, especially for ocean-going craft. To properly maintain and stow your boat, a boat lift is an essential feature for coastal property owners who also own boats. Norway Nautical is a premier provider of boatlift installation. Florida’s propensity for severe storms makes a boat lift essential. Prevent interior and exterior boat damage by conveniently removing your craft from the water when the weather becomes threatening. A boat lift makes boat removal convenient.

Boat Lift Maintenance and Repair

Like other mechanical features, a boat lift requires inspection and maintenance from time to time to ensure it works optimally. Wearing parts may fail and require replacement. Our boat lift repair technicians can assess any problems your boat life may be having and perform the necessary fix. Docks, seawalls, boat lifts–we can repair these features quickly and for a competitive price. 

Whether you need a seawall, boat lifts, or dock constructed at your coastal property or you need these features maintained or repaired, you can trust the marine contractors of Norway Nautical. Our expertise and years of experience providing marine construction services along the South Florida coast make us your go-to marine construction firm. We invite you to explore our gallery of completed projects and get to know our capabilities.

Norway Nautical has partnered with both residential and commercial properties to build and maintain large and small coastal installations. We’ve provided our maintenance services for overseas highway repairs as well as construction and repairs of coast seawall, dock, and boat lift features. We believe in high-quality materials and unstinting customer service. Contact us to learn more about our marine construction inc., company or to schedule an inspection of your seawalls, dock, or boat lift. 

If your coastal feature has failed or is showing signs of failure, contact us immediately. In some cases, it’s possible to make repairs to rescue their features as opposed to simply salvaging their materials. Of course, we can also replace features that are beyond repair or have reached the end of their lifespan. After inspecting your project in detail, we can provide you with a quote for our professional marine construction and repair services.