South Florida Seawalls by Norway Nautical

If you have waterfront property in South Florida, you know how important it is to maintain your seawall. Seawalls, docks, and lifts require routine inspections, maintenance and repair to ensure they don’t fail. Norway Nautical specializes in seawall construction and repair solutions. Our marine construction specialists and seawall installers have years of experience and demonstrable expertise. Norway Nautical is a licensed and insured construction and repair company that can build everything from seawalls to floating docks. South Florida property owners trust our marine contractors to customize our construction solutions to suit their needs. 

South Florida Seawall Construction Specialists

If you need to construct a seawall or replace an old one, you’ll want to consult with marine construction experts like Norway Nautical. Seawalls protect your property from erosion as well as natural forces of nature that threaten our Florida coastlines. Wind, storms, and waves will test your seawall routinely. It must have sound construction and marine-grade materials to ensure it will function as it should–for as long as it should. Well-maintained seawalls can last 20 years or more. When you work with our marine contracting firm, you can expect the highest quality results. We have a process for ensuring that each client gets the customized marine construction services they need for their property. This process includes:

Thorough Inspection of Your Property

There are different types of seawalls and different materials that can be used to construct them. Which is best for your coastal property? Our marine technicians will visit your property to carefully evaluate your coastline in order to recommend the ideal seawall solution for it. Should you use vinyl, composite, steel, wood, or concrete to construct your seawall? We can advise you about the best materials as well as materials within your budget. Wood, of course, provides a visually attractive, natural look for a barrier; however, it requires considerable maintenance. Each material type has its pros and cons; we can explore them with you during our planning phase. 

A careful assessment of your property needs allows us to develop a construction plan for your seawall project. There are many factors that must be gauged in order to arrive at the ideal height, length, and width of your proposed construction. Our marine construction pros are experienced and highly trained. Our goal is to help you create a seawall that functions as it should while enhancing the look of your property. Naturally, we are accustomed to budgets, so we’ll always strive to recommend the best plan for your bottom line. Remember, too, that a well-designed seawall can also enhance your property value, making it a worthwhile property investment. 

Seawall Materials

Choosing materials for your seawall requires some careful consideration. Materials will impact the longevity of your seawall as well as its routine maintenance needs and appearance. Of course, materials will also impact the cost of your marine construction project. Sometimes the length of your coastline and proposed seawall or retaining wall will affect your decision. We’ll partner with you to ensure that you know all of your options. Use the following information as a brief overview about material choice:

  • Concrete Seawall: A concrete seawall is a highly durable marine solution that may well last 50 years or longer. These walls can also feature custom seawall panels that come in many different colors and styles.
  • Vinyl Seawall: This type of seawall is a cost-effective option, but the longevity of vinyl seawalls is only about 20 years. However, they will do an admirable job of protecting your land from erosion of soil and rocks.
  • Steel Seawall: Steel is durable and strong, but it is subject to corrosion over time. Steel seawall panels are widely available, but be sure you consider the appearance of the material. As steel rusts, it can become less attractive. 
  • Composite Seawall: Composite seawalls are effective but may not last as long as concrete or steel retaining walls. However, they may be preferable for coastal properties that are ecologically fragile. 

As mentioned, some property owners may elect to build wood retaining walls, but these are less robust than other materials and will require a high degree of routine maintenance. Even so, wood seawalls and docks blend in beautifully with their natural surroundings. Our marine specialists can discuss more detailed pros and cons associated with each type of material when we put together your construction plan. 

Final Plan and Permits

Whether you’re constructing a seawall in Monroe County, Miami-Dade County or Broward County, Florida seawall, you will need the  proper permits. Norway Nautical will help you obtain the necessary permits as well as the materials for your project. Based on our assessment of your property and your preferences regarding your seawall’s construction and materials, we’ll craft a plan for building it. A solid plan allows us to order the materials for the project, line up the experienced crews and technicians for the job, and provide you with a cost estimate for the job. We can also schedule your seawall construction and let you know, approximately, when to expect its completion. 

Constructing Your Seawall

Having developed a detailed plan for your seawall’s construction, our crews will get to work quickly excavation and building commences. Depending on the specific design of your retaining wall, we may install temporary seawall panels or we may be able to quickly construct your wall. Sometimes weather plays a role during the construction phase. We work efficiently, but we don’t cut corners. Property owners can expect us to complete our work with the professionalism and expertise we’re known for. We stand by the quality of all of our marine solutions, from seawalls to dock repair.

Seawalls: Maintenance and Repair

Norway Nautical also offers inspection, maintenance, and repair solutions for your marine features like seawalls, boat docks, floating lifts, and more. Whether inspecting your Florida dock or ensuring that your seawall repaired in South Florida is sound, our technicians will report on your construction’s condition and recommend the ideal maintenance and repair solutions it needs. As a leading Florida marine construction firm, we repair concrete docks, boat lift features, seawalls, and more.

If your seawall or docks, lifts, and other marine constructions need repair services, we can tackle the job with our consummate expertise. We bring all the equipment and materials needed to repair your marine feature, supporting its longevity and ensuring its continued functionality. Failing seawalls can lead to negative consequences for your coastal property. Florida’s storms can be unforgiving. Our technicians know what your seawall is up against. We will provide the best maintenance and repair services in the region to make sure that your seawall is expertly repaired and reliable. 

Although it might be tempting to try a DIY solution for minor boats, docks, seawalls, and other coastal features, it’s always best to consult an expert. Norway Nautical services not only the East Coast of Floria but Marco Islanders, Punta Gorda residents, and West Florida commercial property owners with a full range of marine construction solutions. If you need seawall maintenance, repairs, or construction services in South Florida, you can contact us to get your project started. We’re known for our outstanding workmanship, friendly customer service, and competitive pricing. Be sure to read our reviews and call us if you have questions about our wide range of dock and seawall construction solutions.