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A Comprehensive Guide Boat Lift Service Contracts

Maintaining your boat lift is essential for ensuring a smooth ride, as well as protecting your boat and equipment from damage. Unfortunately, many boat owners are unaware of the importance of regular boat lift maintenance and how to go about it. With the right knowledge and maintenance, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable time on the water for years to come.

Types of Boat Lift Maintenance Services

Dock Maintenance – This type of maintenance service is designed to protect and maintain your dock and its surrounding areas. It can also be used to repair or replace damaged dock parts, such as a wooden dock. 

While a dock maintenance service contract may vary between companies, it typically includes the following services:

  • Regular dock cleaning
  • Regular dock inspection
  • Dock repair and replacement
  • Termite and wood insect treatment

This type of maintenance service is designed to protect the lift and its surrounding areas. The service includes regular cleaning and inspection of the lift and its parts, as well as repair or replacement of damaged lift parts. A boat lift maintenance service contract typically includes the following maintenance services:

Benefits of Professional Boat Lift Service Contract

The main reason to hire a boat lift maintenance company is for the experience and knowledge that only comes with time and practice. As a service contract customer not only do we provide the above services, but go even further.

  • Inspection of Lift, Cradle & Motors
  • Greasing the Lift
  • Check and Lubricate Cables
  • Check and Tighten Belts or Chains
  • Check Motor Covers
  • Pulleys
  • Bunks
  • Decking & Strips
  • Fish Table & Ladder
  • Pilings & Sub-structure
  • French Drain
  • Recommendations for repairs if needed
  • Emailed reports with Dock & Lift Condition Assessment with high resolution photo

What Is a Boat Lift Service Contract?

A boat lift service contract is a legally binding agreement between a boat owner and a company that provides boat maintenance services.

  • Annual inspections
  • Repairs 
  • Replacement of parts
  • Cleaning

Since a boat lift service contract is a legally binding agreement, it protects both parties involved in the contract (the boat owner and the service provider). 

  • Protects both parties involved in the contract
  • Guarantee of quality service
  • Compensation for services rendered

Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Lift Service Contracts

How often should I get my boat lift serviced? 

  • Most boat lift maintenance services include an annual inspection of your boat lift. You can also choose to hire a professional boat lift maintenance company to service your lift on a periodic basis throughout the year. 

What does a boat lift maintenance service include? 

  • A boat lift maintenance service typically includes the following: - Regular cleaning of the boat lift and its surrounding areas - Inspection of the boat lift and lifting mechanism - Repair and/or replacement of damaged parts - Periodic maintenance for lifting cables - Cleaning and inspection of the control box 

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