Boat Lift Maintenance

You depend on your boat lift to remove your boat from the water and the wear and tear it can inevitably cause your boat. But salt water, powerful waves, and subtropical storms can also take their toll on your boat lift. Norway Nautical features experienced boat lift maintenance solutions for customers all around South Florida. Our boat lift technicians are certified marine repair specialists who are highly trained and experienced maintaining all types of boat lifts. From large or commercial boat lifts to residential boat lifts for small craft, our boat lift repair solutions are always priced fairly and delivered by our skilled technicians. If your boat lift is malfunctioning, trust Norway Nautical to make the necessary repairs. We also offer routine maintenance contracts to ensure your boat lift investment is functioning at its best.

What Types of Maintenance Does Your Boat Lift Need?

A boat lift can become damaged overtime by corrosion and long use. However, routine maintenance will help you support the longevity of this feature so that you aren’t faced with frequent repairs and can get as much value from its use as possible before it’s time to replace it. Norway Nautical marine contractors specialize in boat lift maintenance. Some of the most common types of maintenance a boat lift requires are:

Cable Inspections

It’s important to inspect the cables for signs of wear. Kinks in the cable or even may necessitate an immediate boat lift repair. Cables may need to be replaced; our technicians can professionally inspect your cables and repair or replace them when needed. 

Lubrication of Cables and Chains

To ensure that your boat lift operates properly and without undo friction, regular lubrication of its chains and cables is important. If you rely on Norway Nautical for our boat lift inspection and maintenance services, we can ensure that your boat lift is properly lubricated.

Grease Pulleys

Like your boat lift’s cables and chains, its pulleys also need to be greased so that they’re lubricated properly. While some boat lift owners may prefer to lubricate and inspect the components of their boat lift themselves, our technicians will provide a comprehensive inspection, ensuring that all parts are in good working condition. 

Tighten Fasteners and Bolts

With regular use, boat lift fasteners and bolts can become untightened. These components need to be tightened routinely to ensure your boat lift doesn’t fail. 

Inspect and Replace Belts and Bunks

Long-time use of your boat lift will take a toll on parts like belts and bunks. During our careful inspection of your boat lift, we can recommend if these or other parts should be replaced.

Inspect and Replace Motor

Like any motor, your boat lift’s motor requires periodic inspection and maintenance. If it begins to show signs of failing, our team can replace it or replace worn-out parts if needed. Additionally, we can also lubricate the motor, which is needed roughly every six months. 

Boat Lift Inspections

Whether you live on the water full time or seasonally, you need a boat lift contractor you can depend on to inspect and maintain this important feature to ensure its longevity and reliable operation. We can combine inspection and maintenance services for your boat lift. Our marine contractors maintain boat lifts all over South Florida, including cities like Pompano Beach, Naples, Miami, West Palm Beach, and more. 

Boat Lift Repairs

Norway Nautical marine contractors can repair your boat lift. If it begins to malfunction or if we uncover signs of disrepair during our thorough inspection, we can provide the fix that’s needed. The corrosive elements of the coast and our South Florida climate can take their toll on your boat lift and other marine construction features. Our repair pros will carefully evaluate the problem with your boat lift and make any repair needed. We can tackle any make or model boat lift. Our boat lift repair services include:

  • Pulleys
  • Boat lift cables
  • Cable guides / cable winders
  • Bunks
  • Guide posts
  • Belts
  • Platforms
  • Motors
  • Manual switches and more

Our skilled marine specialists bring many commonly needed parts and products along with us during our repair service calls. This means we can typically provide repairs quickly. 

Boat Lift Replacements

Sometimes even with the best maintenance, your boat lift will reach the end of its span. Wood or aluminum parts may be giving out. You may be faced with frequent repairs. A storm may have wreaked severe damage on the boat lift, making replacement the only option. Norway Nautical can install a new boat lift that’s suited to your needs. Looking for a custom boat lift and installation? We are marine construction specialists. We construct seawalls, docks, and custom boat lifts for residential and commercial waterfront property owners. Customers trust Norway Nautical for our reputation for excellent workmanship and our years of experience. We also stand by the quality of our work and only use quality materials to serve our customers. 

Storm Preparation

Need help preparing for a coming storm? Concerned about your boat lift or dock? You can contact Norway Nautical for assistance. Whether you need seasonal maintenance or hurricane-proofing solutions for your coastal features, we can provide service that’s tailored to your exact needs. If a recent storm damages your boat lift, boat dock, seawall, or other coastal feature, call us to make a careful inspection. Depending on the level of damage your feature has sustained, it may require repairs or, possibly, replacement. Remember, with careful preparation of your boat lift before a storm, you may be able to minimize the damage. We can help!

Norway Nautical for South Florida Marine Construction and Repair Solutions

Norway Nautical is known for our custom marine construction services. We build and install marine features that enhance your coastal property. If you love getting out on the water in your boat or jet ski, you can benefit from our custom boat lift installation and dock construction solutions. We work with customers to design and plan their ideal waterfront features. From traditional docks to floating docks, our marine constructions are built with quality materials. When investing in waterfront features, it’s crucial to choose a marine construction firm that is renowned for its reputation and outstanding customer service. That’s Norway Nautical. 

Our marine contractors also specialize in custom seawall construction and repair. Like boat lifts, docks, and other coastal features, seawalls require routine inspection and maintenance to ensure they’re functioning as they should.

Get in touch with Norway Nautical to discuss your boat lift needs. Call us to schedule an inspection or if you need boat lift repairs. If you’re thinking about upgrading your boat lift or replacing an old model, consult with us your replacement project. We travel throughout South Florida to serve our customers. Contact our team to learn more about our marine solutions.