Boat Lift FAQs

The best way to promote the longevity of your boat is to remove it from the water when you aren’t using it to fish, travel, or simply to have fun along the Florida coast. The easiest way to remove your boat from the water is to install and use a boat lift. A boat lift is a terrific investment for your coastal property, and one that will help you maintain the wellbeing of your boat. Norway Nautical specializes in a wide range of marine construction, maintenance, and repair services of coastal features, including boat lifts, docks, and seawalls. 

If you’re considering investing in a boat lift or you have one and have concerns about its maintenance and care, rely on the following helpful FAQs for information. Remember that you can always contact Norway Nautical for further information or to schedule an inspection, project consultation, or repair service. 

Boat Lift Questions and Answers

How long will my boat lift last?

There are many different factors that can impact the lifespan of your boat lift. In most cases, these features will last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, but that’s provided they have been well maintained. The constant barrage of wind and waves can lead to wear and tear of your boat lift. However, routine maintenance can keep your boat lift in good repair. Unfortunately, even the best cared for boat lifts may not withstand damage from a hurricane or even a severe South Florida storm. Your boat lift’s longevity could be cut short by storm damage. However, timely repairs and replacement parts could save your boat lift for future use.

What type of boat lift should I install?

When choosing a boat lift for your waterfront property, it’s a good idea to consult with Norway Nautical. We know boat lifts! Depending on your coastal property–if it’s located on a canal or a more open stretch of sea–you may want to choose a certain model. Elevator boat lifts are ideal for narrow waterways where it’s not possible to install pilings. In addition to your location, you’ll also want to select a boat lift that can lift the weight of your boat, including its fuel and everything else loaded on the vessel. Be sure to choose a lift that can accommodate the boat’s wet weight. Norway Nautical marine contractors can help you choose the ideal boat lift for your needs and budget. 

Will my boat lift work for a different boat?

Often, if boat owners replace their boat with a bigger one, they will also need to change their boat lift. If you are planning to purchase a similar craft, your current lift may suffice. You can consult with Norway Nautical technicians about your boat lift and whether or not it’s going to be suitable for your new boat. If you need to replace your boat lift with a new one, our marine construction crews can dismantle your old boat lift and tackle each aspect of the replacement. In most cases, boat lifts simply cannot be amended or ‘upgraded’ to handle more weight. If you’re planning to get a new boat in the near future, you may want to choose a boat lift that can accommodate the extra weight.

Will my boat lift come with a warranty?

In most cases, your boat lift will come with a limited warranty. As coastal features, of course, your boat lift is subject to the elements. Manufacturers will not replace items damaged by storms. For specific warranty information, consult the manufacturer of the boat lift you intend to install. If you’re looking for boat lifts with a strong warranty, contact Norway Nautical so we can point you to models that are a good fit for your warranty preferences. 

Will my boat lift come with remote controls?

Many boat lifts today come standard with remote controls. Norway Nautical marine construction pros can help you choose the ideal model for your property. Keep in mind that there are many differences between boat lifts. If you live alone and boat alone, you may be searching for a boat lift that you can conveniently operate on your own without assistance. Our marine specialists know all the models available today. We can help find a boat lift that’s easy to operate and that comes with a remote control system if you prefer.

How long will my boat lift take to install?

Sometimes the boat lift installation process can be completed in two days; however, sometimes the process requires 4-5 days. The time frame depends on the complexity of the construction and installation process. After inspecting your installation site and boat lift, we can typically provide customers with an accurate time estimate for their boat lift’s installation. 

What’s involved in boat lift installation?

Unless your boat lift is a portable model, you’ll likely need a permit for its installation. A typical boat lift installation will involve some dredging, pile driving, and construction of access walkways and concrete footers. Electrical wiring is typically required as well. In some cases, the property may need its seawall reinforced or updates to its dock. Norway Nautical specializes in marine construction of seawalls and docks. In addition to all aspects of your boat lift’s installation and maintenance, we can also maintain many other coastal construction features, including floating docks.

How can I find replacement parts for my boat lift?

Norway Nautical can help find the parts you need for your boat lift when its current parts need to be replaced. In fact, we stock a wide range of parts for multiple boat lift types so that we can provide our efficient repair service. 

How should I care for my boat lift?

You don’t have to be a do-it-yourselfer to maintain your boat lift. In fact, all you have to do is contact Norway Nautiful to set up a routine inspection and maintenance plan for your boat lift. It’s important to maintain your boat lift by performing tasks like lubrication of cables and motor parts and checking for wearing parts from time to time. Our technicians can inspect your boat lift and perform any routine maintenance that it needs. Our marine construction specialists also provide boat lift repair services. If your boat lift stops lifting, is making strange sounds, or isn’t working optimally, you can contact us to troubleshoot the problem and then make any necessary repairs. 

Don’t see the information that you need here? Simply contact Norway Nautical to discuss your questions or concerns with our knowledgeable marine contractors. We serve South Florida with marine construction services related to boat docks, seawalls, and, of course, boat lifts. Contact us to schedule your boat lift’s maintenance or to schedule a repair call.